Why Are Dial A Bottle Services So Popular In Canada?

In this age, convenience is the key to success for any service-related industry. If you can provide maximum convenience to your customers, your business will never look back. Add to it the availability and affordability factors and, nothing can stop your business from reaching the skies. These days, the availability of online services is one of the key factors running the service industry. With a few taps on your Smartphone, you can get whatever you want without wasting any time. However, the ultimate satisfaction depends on the quality of services provided to you.

The recent surge in online delivery services is making everyone feel as if the whole world has come to their fingertips. And, indeed it has! Let alone dinner, cars or other bookings, now, you can ever order drinks online, even if it is just one bottle. There is not minimum value for ordering your drinks at home. The Canadians call this Dial a Bottle services because of the way you order and they deliver. They will give you a number, you just call the service provider and state your requirements. The delivery will not only take place on the same day but also within a few hours. Isn’t it just amazing? You do not have to go out to buy your drinks anymore. They are available at just a few taps away.

Dial a Bottle Calgary

However, this is not the only reason for the increasing popularity of dial a bottle services in Canada. Be it Calgary, Toronto or Vancouver, these services have become a daily thing for people who love drinking without stepping out of their homes. A drink or two after a hectic day at work revitalize their energy and prepare them for the following day.

If we are, to sum up, the following reasons clearly explain why these services are becoming so popular.


Generally, these liquor delivery services have tie-ups with other liquor stores in the city. That is why you will never find their stocks exhausted. No matter what your order is, seldom will you hear a “No” from them. Moreover, they are available all 7 days a week, making it more convenient for binge drinkers and party goers.


Although the process of liquor maintains the standard rates, you need not spend an extra penny in commuting to the local store. The delivery charges are negligible compared to the fuel costs involved in traveling from one part of the city to another in search of your favorite Beer. Furthermore, you do not have to spend a lump sum in bars anymore. You can sit and drink at home while watching your favorite movie or the latest episode of Game of Thrones.


In this digital age, everyone has access to the internet. Be it your Smartphone or your office PC, you can easily order your favorite drink online. The websites of such service providers are easily navigable and user-friendly. If you make online payments, you have a number of options to choose from. Also, the transaction systems are 100% secure, giving you a peace of mind.

So, it goes without saying that the trend dial a bottle in Calgary is here to stay. So the next time you feel like having some Beer or Whiskey at home, do not hesitate to dial the number and place your order. Just do some background research before you select a service provider. You will fall in the habit of ordering drinks online soon after.

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