Why and When You Should Return Your Beer

Like any other drink, beer also has a specific life span, after which it turns bad. Craft beer mostly loses its original taste in normal conditions if it is kept at room temperature for a while. According to the experts, the quality of beer starts to reduce when it leaves the manufacturing plant. One can enhance its life span by keeping in an optimal environment like a cold store.

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Poor storage practice and a poor draught system can easily degrade the quality of beer. That is why distributors or retailers try everything to keep beer in a safe environment so that they can serve the best quality beer to their customers. Here, we will talk about how to recognize a quality beer and when should you return your ordered beer to the store.

How Beer Can Lose Its Quality

The most common reason that can damage the taste of the beer is the improper storage facility. Experts suggest that beer should be kept below 40 degrees F and if someone tries to store beer above this temperature, the chance of damage will increase.

Like the store temperature, it is also important to maintain a specific temperature for beer serving. No one will serve you a warm beer. You always ask for a glass of beer with suitable temperature, which is definitely below the room temperature. However, you should know that extreme cold beer could stop or restrict the development of some compounds that produce aroma and flavor for the beverage.

Beer served from contaminated draught lines is also a reason that can force you to return it. If the draught system is not properly serviced then beer-spoiling bacteria can fade away the taste of your beer.

Things to Do When Bad beer is served

No matter from where you are getting your beer, it can be a restaurant, bar, a retail shop or booze delivery service in Calgary, it is the sole responsibility of the seller to serve you the best quality beer.

However, if you find that you have been served bad beer at a bar or you have purchased it from a retail shop, then the best way to make the seller aware of this is to send the beer back. Many people may prefer to drink poor quality beer because they are not sure if the seller would accept the beer if your return. However, you should do that.

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When you should Send Back the Beer

Educating yourself about the beer color, style and symptoms are very important because that will help you to identify a bad beer even without sipping it. Thus, if possible try to send the beer back before you sip it or open its cap.

Order Beer from Reputed Agency

If you are concerned about the quality of your beer, then you should purchase them from a reputed beer delivery agency like Bottletime.ca. Such agencies always care for their reputation and always serve best quality products to their customers.

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