Top Yummy Summer Recipes For Liquor-Based Ice Cream Floats

Expecting some guests this evening?
Why not give them a delicious summer treat with ice-cream floats?
Children or not, everyone likes a scoop of chilled yummy ice-cream in Summer. And, if it is coupled with alcohol, nothing can be better. In fact, alcoholic ice-cream floats are one of the most favorite desserts of Canadians. With a dab of cream and a touch of chocolate, your floats are going to blow the minds of many. They are easy to prepare, only, you have to buy the liquor or Champagne from one delivery store and your ice cream from another. In the world of the internet, you do not have to step out to get the required ingredients. The delicious dessert will be ready before your guests turn up for the Summer celebrations.

Liquor Based Ice Cream Floats

Delicious Alcoholic Ice Cream Floats For Summer

Red Wine Ice Cream Float

A bottle of Red Wine and Vanilla Ice Cream can make a delicious dessert for your Girls’ night in. Top it with a few chocolate chips and give your palate a treat.

Bourbon Stout Floats 

Get a box of caramel ice cream and aged Bourbon to act as the base drink. Pour Bourbon in the glass and float the ice-cream on it. Thus, you get your amazing summer float with no hassle.

Blackberry Gin Fizz Float

Unlike the aforementioned simple ice-cream float recipes, this amazing dessert requires a few other ingredients apart from Gin and Vanilla Ice-cream. These are blackberry puree, lime juice, ginger ale and fresh mint. Mix all the ingredients and add vanilla ice-cream on the top. You will get a perfect dessert for bridal showers, summer gatherings or any other special occasion.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Bourbon Floats

This is another delicious Bourbon float that you can prepare at home. Take Bourbon in a glass and float a scoop of Dark chocolate ice cream over it. Slowly sip the delicious dessert and revel in its intoxicating flavor.

Jack Daniel’s And Vanilla Ice Cream 

If you are looking forward to a lazy evening, munching on your favorite snack and watching Netflix, then this amazing ice-cream float is surely your thing. Add a big scoop of ice-cream to your glass of jack Daniel’s and your show-stopping summer dessert will be ready.

Champagne Floats

These are amazing sparkling wine desserts that you can use for any occasion. Just a scoop of ice-cream (preferably Vanilla) on a glass of Champagne will enhance its taste to a great extent. Top it with a cherry to make it look more elegant. You can also serve Champagne floats after a heavy meal. The smooth and yummy flavor of the float will give relief to your guests’ palate.

Moscato Floats

Have you ever combined your favorite wine with vanilla ice-cream? Sounds fascinating, right? Well, it is a famous Italian dessert served in top-notch restaurants in Canada. You can make it easily at home with a glass of Moscato and a big scoop of Vanilla ice-cream. Voila! Your dessert is ready!

Summer calls for refreshing drinks and delicious desserts. With the aforementioned recipes, you can easily prepare your own desserts at home. All you need to do is, buy the drinks from a reliable Liquor Store for delivery in Calgary and make your Summer parties more entertaining. Your guests will thank you later for the amazing experience. Have a blast!

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