Throw a Cocktail Party at Home with Booze Delivery Services

Cocktail parties, a trend started somewhere in the 1900s, became quite popular in the elite society. However, these days, anyone can throw a cocktail party at home, thanks to the availability of drinks and food delivery services online. It is not necessary to invest a fortune in renting an expensive banquet hall to host a booze party. If you have ample space at home to accommodate all your guests, your cocktail party can never find a better venue. Not only it will help prevent going beyond your estimated budget, but also provide a nonchalant atmosphere for your guests to feel more relaxed and at ease.

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But, wait! That’s not all! You have to consider quite a number of factors when planning your cocktail party even if it is at your place. Planning is crucial to any such occasion and you have to plan in advance to prevent any inconvenience when the party is on. Read on to know how you should set up your Cocktail party at home:

Design and Decor

Go all out with your design and decor to create an ambiance that is no less than a banquet hall. Buy exquisite design elements like chandeliers, helium balloons, wall hangings and candle holders to amplify the overall effect. Keep an eye out for sales and offers on party decor items online and grab the chance to buy some cushions and couch covers to create that first great impression. Do everything in advance to prevent any kind of last minute mishap.

Drinks and More Drinks

It is quite hard to estimate the number of drinks you will be needing in your cocktail party. It depends on a lot of factors including the number of guests, the binging habits of each and also the number of drinks you need to prepare those tantalizing cocktails. Hence, it is best to contact a reliable service provider for booze delivery in Calgary or elsewhere to prevent issues like lack of supplies. But, make sure you settle for the best service provider out there for high-quality drinks and shortest delivery time.

Ice .. Yes! Keep them Ready

What is Whiskey without those rocks? Arrange for a good supply of ice cubes and ice bags to serve your drinks chilled and fresh. Also, ice is an important constituent of all cocktails. So, make sure you do not run out of ice while serving drinks to your guests.

Soda, Syrups, and Tonic

Not everyone has a thing for cocktails and some of your guests may fall into that category. So, keep a supply of additional requirements like Soda, Tonics, and Syrups to make them enjoy their drinks to the fullest. Lemon-lime Soda, Ginger Ale, Club Soda and Tonic water should be at your disposal in case your guests need them.


Even if it is a small get together, you should send out invitations to all your guests. If you do not have the time to physically hand the invitation card, you can mail it or create an event on Facebook with an attractive tagline, depending on your choice as well as the people who are going to be invited.

Throwing a Cocktail party at your place can be a great scope to build your network and engage in quality conversations besides unwinding after a hectic week. So, take care of the basics and host a splendid cocktail party that everyone is going to remember in the days to come.

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