The Right Ways of Storing Wine for Long-Term after Delivery

So, you are planning to set up your own wine collection at home?

There are so many things you need to consider before you start ordering your bottles online and stacking them up for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The first one among them is learning how to store wine effectively for years. If you have a plan to build a permanent wine cellar in your basement, good idea! That place is cool enough to keep the drinks in a favorable condition for longer durations. However, you need to check on them from time to time in order to ensure right temperature, humidity, and stuff. Now, let us cut down the chitchat and get to the points straight away.


Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold

The ideal temperature conditions for storing wines range from 45F to 65F. If it becomes too hot, the wine may get cooked resulting in flat flavors. And keeping the bottles in the refrigerators and freezers for a number of days may result in a lack of moisture leading to the drying of corks and wine damage. As it is not possible to maintain the required temperature all the time in your house, it is advisable to invest in a high-quality wine cabinet and keep it in the coolest place with minimum fluctuations in temperature.

Keep away from Direct Light

Strong lights are one of the greatest enemies of the sophisticated drink. In fact, the Sun’s UV rays can cause premature aging and degradation in the quality of wine. Therefore it is best to store wine bottles in the basement cellar. However, if you do not have one, no worries. Keep your wine in a cool, dark place where the sunlight cannot reach the bottles. Nowadays people order a lot of wine online and they do not understand what to do with all those drinks and where to keep them. A wine cabinet will serve the purpose quite well. Only, remember to switch off the lights once you take out a bottle for consumption.

Place Them Horizontally

This is important in order to keep the cork moist. If you place the bottle horizontally on the rack of the wine cabinet, the drink inside will prevent the cork from drying out. If the cork dries, air will seep into the bottle, thus degrading the liquid. It is also a space-efficient way for stacking wine bottles.

Clean your Wine Cellar

Make it a point to attend to your cellar from time to time. On weekends, clean them up to remove dust and dirt from the racks or the room in general. Wine can breathe in everything, so be careful about it. And, make sure you do not store anything else apart from wine in the storage area. The liquor can literally take up the odor of anything that is kept with it for a long duration.

If you frequently order online for liquor delivery in Calgary, you have to look for a suitable place to stack all those bottles. Wine, if stored properly, can taste exceptionally good after some time. So, make it a point to set up your own wine cellar for the purpose of storing wine for longer durations. And keep visiting this page for more information regarding liquor delivery, storage, and consumption.

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