Some Peculiar Liquor Laws From Across The Globe

Now, every Government body wants you to drink responsibly. But, that does not mean you are a criminal or be treated like one if you become a little tipsy. However, in some countries, you have these peculiar drinking laws that will surely make you feel like a criminal, a murderer or something. You will be scared to even touch your drink once you finish reading through this post (Just kidding!)

Law of Liquor

No Riding Cows When Drunk

Yes! You read that right! In Scotland, it is illegal to ride a cow or a bull when you are drunk. This is because, in the earlier days, drunken cow races were a common phenomenon and these poor animals suffered a lot at the hands of the boozers. So, the next time you are in Scotland and, you have a few drinks, avoid cows on the street or in the fields (Kidding again!)

Drinking With A License

In India, the liquor laws differ from state to state. For example, In Maharashtra, you have to get a license to drink. On Top of that, you have to visit the Government Civil Hospital to request one. Now, aren’t you feeling embarrassed already?

When The Clock Strikes Midnight

In Sydney, the alcohol serving laws change drastically after midnight. This is because the place is such a hell hole of alcohol-infused crimes that the authorities have to be extremely careful to control the situation. Therefore, the Government officials have made it illegal to serve shots after the clock strikes 12. Not only that but also there is no serving alcohol in glasses after midnight, no serving 4 drinks at once after, yes, Midnight! And, last but not the least, no Sydney bar will allow you to have more than two drinks after 3.00 A.M. Quite complicated, right? Seems like the criminals have to change their active duty hours in Sydney.

Drinking And Driving? Fire!

If America started this, then we would never see those kids having late night drinking parties when their parents are not at home. Never! However, in El Salvador, no one can even dream of going drunk and getting inside their cars. There, if you drink and drive and then if you get caught, you are going to face a firing squad straight away. No mercy for playing with road safety. Now, that’s something!

You Are Mad If You Ride A Bicycle When Drunk
Yes! In Germany, if you are caught riding a bicycle after boozing, you will not only lose your license but also be required to take a medical-psychological test. So, drop the idea of getting some air when you are drunk and, in Germany.

Married And Drunk? No Way!

In Bolivia, no married woman is allowed to have more than one drink in case they get drunk and start flirting with other men. Now, this is way too outdated for a free country. What do you think?

Thank God, you are in Calgary and not in the aforementioned places. Here, you can order as many drinks you like without stepping out of your homes and, without feeling like a criminal. Just select a reliable online (or on-the-phone) Liquor Delivery in Calgary service provider and place your order. The delivery guys will be at your doorstep within an hour, holding the bottle and smiling. Then you are going to remember what you read in this blog and enjoy your drink even more. Giving a thought to your world tour? You bet!

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