Smart Beer Facts To Make You Sound Cool At Any Celebration

Parties are the life blood of every Calgarian. Whether it is a simple birthday party or a corporate product launch celebration, you always look for chances to create an impression among the guests. If you are regular party goer, you may have noticed a trend of forming small groups and giving lectures on certain topics in the parties to make one sound smarter than others. It is necessary to have unmatched knowledge on a particular topic to gather all that attention. And, what can be better than giving a lecture on something everyone loves? In parties, Beer and Wine easily fall in the top 5 discussion topics. So, grab this chance and let those people know something that they don’t but, you do. Enjoy celebrity attention with the help of these 6 amazing facts about Beer.

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George Washington Knew How To make Beer

Yes, he had this notebook where he wrote down this recipe for making a “Small Beer”, as he called it. He kept it with him during the French and Indian wars in the 1700s. However, this Beer was mostly composed of Molasses and was meant for the servants only.

Beer Cans Were Invented Only In 1933

There was a brewery named Kreuger which joined hands with a canning company to pack the first Kreger special Beer in Newark, NJ. However, that Beer had only 3.2% of ABV as the legal regulations at that time did not allow more.

North Dakota Drinks Beer The Most

In 2013, North Dakota Stood First In the Amount Of Beer Consumed Per Person, about 44 Gallons. Next came New Hamshire and Montana according to a survey done by the 24/7 Wall Street magazine.

The Best-Selling Beer In The World Is

Yes! Snow is the name of the world’s best-selling Beer, which is produced in China. Okay, this is not Westeros, but who knows probably the Chinese came to know about his valor and named the drink after Jon Snow? You never know! However, it is unfortunate that you may not get Snow Beer here but, what is the harm in checking? Call up a reputable service provider for Beer delivery In Calgary and ask them whether they can arrange for the same. If they can, then be ready to taste something as exquisite as the Westeros Wine (exaggerating).

During Prohibition, people Drank “Medical Beer”

For some time during The Prohibition, the doctors, as well as the Brewers, tried to create a loophole in the legal system by giving rise to the notion of “Medical Beer”.They actually prescribed Beer to the sick people and gave the legal authorities an escape for some time. However, the Congressmen grew suspicious when the trend became popular and they banned it altogether.

You Do Not Need A Freezer To Chill Your Beer

You can even throw your freezer for all anybody cares. To have a good chilled Beer, all you need is some ice and salt in a bowl. Pour your Beer in the bowl and stir it for some time. That will do the job all right. But, wait! Do not throw your freezer away. Who is going you give you the ice then?

Sounding smart is just a technique that you have to adopt. And, talking about Beer in a party will surely give you some good ears. The next time you pop into a party, try this out. Even if nothing happens, you will at least find some people who will think that you are “Oh! So knowledgeable and intelligent!”

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