Rating A Bottle Of Wine To Evaluate Its Quality On Delivery

The taste and aroma are not everything about wine. There are subtle other factors that can help you evaluate the quality of the glass of wine in your hand. Most wine enthusiasts all over the world are aware of the rating system of wine. Developed by Robert Parker, the renowned wine critic from the US, this system aids you to rate a bottle of wine on a scale of 50-100. Are you not acquainted with the system? No worries, the following points explain the steps of rating a wine to determine its quality.

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Standard Rating Procedure For A Particular Brand Of Wine

If you are ordering wine for the first time from an online delivery service, you may feel a bit anxious about the product that is going to be delivered to you. Nevertheless, it is always the first time for anything new and you should be aware of the following guidelines to determine the quality of the wine you have bought so that you can use this knowledge in future. Let us cut the chit chat now and get down to the topic.

Hold Your Glass Against The Light

The first scale to determine the standard of wine is color. Generally, a bottle of wine can be red, white or somewhere in the middle. Moreover, different brands of wine have different shades and you should have the proper knowledge to reach a final verdict. So, hold your wine glass against the light and notice the color with the expert eyes of a critic. See whether the color appears vibrant or pale. If it matches your expectations and knowledge about that specific brand, you can give it a perfect 5.

Take In A Deep Breath And Revel In Its Aroma

If your wine has the right aroma, you can give it a perfect 10. Hold the glass up to your nose and take a deep breath. Swirl it to release the odor properly. Use your natural instinct to determine the aroma of the wine and see what comes to your mind when you inhale it. Does it seem quite pleasant to your olfactory nerves? If yes, then do not hesitate to give the wine full marks.

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Taste the Wine

The taste of the wine depends on the aroma that you have just found out. Take a sip. If the flavor matches your expectations that have developed since you smelled it, you can give it a 15 out of 15. However, you need to have sufficient knowledge regarding the brand of wine you are tasting, in order to right judge the degree of acidity as well as the bitterness of the wine. This information will also help you decide the menu as the flavor will either enhance the overall effect or destroy it completely.

Rating On The After Effect

A bottle of wine can also be rated depending on the finishing effect it has on your palate. After you take the sip and swallow it, feel the essence that fills your mouth, and see how long it remains there. If the effect is beyond mesmerizing and if you feel 100% satisfied with the aftertaste, go on and give your wine a perfect 10 again. However, take a few more sips before you do that.

Now that you know how to evaluate the quality of a bottle of wine, you can easily order it online from a reliable wine delivery service in Calgary. Taste it, rate it and decide the fate of that online service provider following the aforementioned steps. Become an expert yourself so that you can enjoy the best quality products.

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  1. Very true because without rating people will not select the correct drink for them to choose. Very useful blog content.

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