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The next time you host a party, don’t opt for any tizzy thinking about which appetizer to pair with drinks to be served. Here are some of the most impressive alcohol-food pairings. Though there’s no hard-and-fast rules, but if you are fond of drinking, then raise a toast to these yummy dishes which will bring out the alcohol flavor to the optimum. The sole purpose of pairing meals with a drink is to complement the both, by contrasting or pairing complementary flavors. Among a string of alcohols, the popularity of wine, tequila, and whiskey are reaching skies.

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Amidst a range of alcoholic beverages, wine and beers help cleanse the palate and prep it for tasting more flavors. Gins are usually consumed before a heavy meal (dinner in most of the cases). Gin is said to help in settling the stomach or getting the gastric juice flowed prior to having a meal. Though cocktails are way more complex due to their various flavors and tastes. Teaming chilled and fresh cocktails with yummy platters can be fun, because the trick can offer fantastic results.

Now before any further ado, let’s delve in the discussion of pairing drinks with right meals–


Beer is that alcoholic beverage which complements an array of lip-smacking dishes, thanks to its variety of flavors. It’s said, lighter drinks can pair well with less spicy foods, while strong beverages go well with tangy snacks or munchies. It’s best to team up lagers with poultry and fishes. On the contrary, wheat beers can make an amazing pair with strong cheese or red meats.

The vegetarian beer lovers can also munch on green salads while sipping beer. When it comes to mouth-watering appetizers chicken wings, onion rings, chicken fingers, and nachos with a yummy salsa sauce taste absolutely yummy with chilled beers. Make sure to choose light drinks when the appetizer is strongly spiced up. Otherwise, both the power-packed items will intensify the ‘burn’ to an unpleasant level.


Traditionally, wine should be paired with dishes that have almost similar characteristics. Wines have different flavors. Vest your time in choosing the right foods which can harmonize well with different wine flavors, thereby taking your culinary experience to a whole new level.

Foods that are rich in taste and spice are more likely to complement the red wines. White wines usually come in mind when the meals are non-spicy and light. You can opt for a non-spicy club sandwich or salads smeared in white sauces to complement white wines.


The strong flavors of whiskey is good to pair with continental cuisines. You must vest time in picking the right ingredients and spices, which will compliment the authentic scottish palate. The surprising capacity of malt whiskey to complement different types of cuisines has drawn a great deal of appreciation from all around.

Non-spicy dishes including Japanese Sushi, Ravioli and Mediterranean Cheese go well with a glass of chilled whiskey. Are you fond of smoked meat dishes? To spruce up its authentic flavor, team up the platter with exquisite whiskies. Yummy chocolate bread pudding or choco brownie induce heavenly pleasures when served along with whiskey or scotch.

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