Know Interesting Facts About Drinking Beer At Right Temperature

A party without beer is too dull, isn’t it? Even if you are consistently in love with beer for lifetime, it’s important to consume beer at right temperature. You can drink beer anytime you want provided that you need to maintain the perfect temperature. It’s not only healthy but also doubles up the taste of your drink. A beer loses its flavor to some extent if directly poured into a chilled glass at humid temperature. Therefore, if you are willing to enjoy your beer with the best flavor, drink it at a temperature of lower than 42 degree Fahrenheit.

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So, next time whether its a late night party or simple movie time with your friends at your place, just order some fine craft beer cans from a liquor store delivery in Calgary, and ensure that you are drinking it in a right temperature. If you are offered a high quality beer at normal room temperature, it will taste like ordinary ones.

Once you get the basic information about serving a perfect beer, you can inquire of your preference while ordering drinks from your favorite liquor store delivery. you will have the idea of asking for preferred temperature for your chosen beer.

Here comes some of the very important facts, which will bring you the perfect taste of a quality beer.

Don’t drink Beer when it’s too Cold

If you are among them who love to drink chilled beer and believe that it tastes the best, we have some valuable information for you. It’s possible that a chilled can of beer tastes better to you. But, the reality is different. Actually, the icy temperature of chilled beer affects the true flavor of the beverage. This fact is too similar with the serving of white wine, which loses the real taste at chilled temperature.

Accurate Temperature for Craft Beer

It won’t affect the taste when your beer bottles are kept at service temperature (near about 70 degree Fahrenheit) for some time. For serving perfect beer, three temperature zones are recommended by the experts. The more interesting fact is that you can apply these three categories for wines too. But, do you know why these categories are important? This optimum temperature of serving beer or wine, helps in relishing the real taste of these drinks.

Let’s check out the suitable temperature for different types of beer:

1. While having light beer, wine or champagne, it’s all good to go with a cold temperature but it should not be colder than 41 degree Fahrenheit.

2. To relish the taste of craft beer and white wine, choose a temperature which is not colder than 46 degree Fahrenheit.

3. Only for the red wines and flavored beers, the storing temperature is allowed up to 53 degree Fahrenheit.

Keep An Eye For Choosing The Proper Thermometer

To ensure that you are maintaining the correct temperature for storing or serving beer, use a NSF calibrated thermometer over the thermostat dial marking to keep a watch on the real temperature of the beer.

It’s boozing time!

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