How To Select A Bottle Of Champagne For Your Party?

A bottle of Champagne can turn any gathering into a celebration. Likewise, no celebration is complete without bottles of Champers. So, if you have a party on your cards, you should have every bit of knowledge to pick the right bottle of Champagne for the occasion. It is not that difficult. All you have to consider are three main factors – your budget, the taste of the Champagne and of course, the purpose.

If we speak of real Champagne, those are manufactured in the Champagne region of France and are quite expensive. But, the Canadians also consider other sparkling wines like Processo and Cava as their party Champers. So, make it a point you know the purpose of the celebration before you go buying. Anyways, these days, you can just order your favorite bottle from a liquor delivery service in Calgary and wait for the drinks to turn up. A reputable service provider won’t let you wait for long.

Coming to the selection of Champers, let us discuss the three main factors mentioned above and understand how they are relevant to picking the best bottle from the bunch.

Taste of Champagne

The drink is manufactured across the continents in different names. The Italian variety is known as Prosecco, the Spanish one is Cava and the French one is called Vintners. So pick the one you would like to go for before you order your drinks. Prosecco has a fruity flavor and relatively larger bubbles, French Champers is drier than most other varieties and the Cava has a taste similar to that of its French counterpart. Decide whether you want a dry or a sweet variety, that depends on the amount of residual sugar left in the finished product. If you want to pair it up with other food items, you can go for an extra dry Champagne with a slightly sweet taste. However, if you want to toast it for dessert, the sweet variety of Moscato can be your best bet.

Select Bottle Of Champagne For Your Party

Your Budget

How many guests are you expecting? How many of them are binge drinkers? Do you need to keep some bottles in the cellar, away from the table and take them out when the stocks finish? These are some questions that you find asking yourself.

If it is a small gathering of fewer than 10 people, you can go for the more delicate options like Louis Roederer Cristal, Krug or Dom Perignon. But, if you are expecting a gathering of 20-40 people, maintain a low profile and order Proseccos and Cavas. However, you need not stack the drinks as you can order anytime from the reliable services for liquor store delivery in Calgary. The drinks generally take an hour or so to be delivered, making it the hands-on option for all hosts.

The Purpose

Of course, this is the most important factor to consider when buying Champagne for a party. What is the party all about? Is it a friendly gathering? Or, it is more like a corporate celebration? If it is the former, you can go for the more cost effective brands as enjoyment is the prime objective there. But, if the celebration has a business objective and you need to impress your clients, make way for the costlier varieties without batting an eyelid.

The best thing about liquor deliveries is you can focus your attention on something else while the drinks get delivered to your doorstep. However, make sure that the service provider you are opting for has a reputation. Otherwise, you may fall in a pit if the order does not arrive before your guests do.

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