How to Choose Right Whiskey for Your Party

Drinking whiskey always gives a kind of sophisticated satisfaction that is unmatched with any other alcoholic drinks. Many people are sensitive about their whiskey and will not settle for anything else. It also means they are fond of the taste and aware of choosing the right whiskey. Do you know how to choose the right whiskey? If not, you should. Next time, you host a party; this knowledge will be utilized to its fullest. Here, we will talk about some top whiskey varieties that can be a perfect choice to make your party enjoyable.


Highly Popular Scotch

Scotch is one the most sought after liquors available today. Scotches are mostly made of barley, water and yeast. However, it is probably the vigorous aging process that brings natural flavor to the drink, as scotch is kept in oak casks at least for three years with ABV. It is believed that the origin determines the character of a true scotch.

Get the Taste of Irish Whiskey

The Irish whiskey is much like the scotch because the process of making the Irish whiskey is a bit similar to making the scotch. Like scotch, the Irish whiskey is also made with less than 94.8% ABV and aged for minimum three years.

There are plenty of varieties are available for Irish whiskeys. Like the process of making scotch, you should only consider a bottle of Irish whiskey as a genuine one if it has come from Ireland.

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Ready to Taste Canadian Whiskey

Canada is widely known for its popular distilled whiskey, as many Canadian liquor manufacturers are producing distilled whiskey for more than 150 years. However, in recent time, Canadian whiskey manufacturers concentrate more on rye mash. Canadian rye is known for distilling with 9 times more corn mash. However, Americans prepare the rye with minimum 51% rye mash. The American rye must be aged in charred oak barrels along with distilled with more than 80% ABV. If you are going to rate a Straight Rye, then it should be at least two years old.

Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon and rye have many similarities. Bourbon is also being distilled with less than 80% ABV and it is also kept in oak barrel. The makers of bourbon also maintain age restriction while preparing the liquor, as you should not call liquor as bourbon if it has not been kept in oak barrels for at least two years.

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  1. Right whiskey is very essential for the party that you organised for your family or friends. This will really give you an idea that how you will arrange a party.

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