How Much Alcohol You Must Order When You Are Throwing a Party

Inviting people to a party means you will provide them all the materials for pleasure than entertainment. You will definitely not like to face a situation where your invited guests will be struggling go get any particular food or drink.

It is not easy to predict how much liquor you will need for your party as you will never be able to measure the drinking capacity of your guests. The scarcity of beverages can force your guests to leave your party earlier than planned. However, you can avoid such unwanted situation by taking some important measures before throwing up the party. So, how would you avert the situation of scarcity of beverages in your party?

Alcohol Delivery while Throwing Party

Know the Interest of Your Guests

Before throwing a party, you will have to know what kinds of beverages your guests will love to have in the party. If you are inviting guests who love to stay on the beer all night, then you should concentrate more on the beer rather than other liquor varieties.

However, you cannot expect that all the crowd to be happy only with beer. Therefore, it is better to stock varied liquor. The idea of mixing the beverages for various type guests will be a good option. You can add a soft drink, juices and water in the menu because not all your invitees will be heavy drinkers and many of them can be satisfied with non-alcoholic drinks.

Do not Show Your Full Stock at the Beginning

Opening up all your stock at the beginning may cost you a lot because heavy drinkers invited in your party can take the advantage of your openness. You should serve bottles according to the demands and ask bartender to offer various kinds of beverages rather than stick to a particular variety.

By keeping your liquor stock behind the party, you can save from being over-served. In addition, many liquor shops pay back money on returning unopened bottles and if you find that a few bottles are left even after the party, you can return them to the shop.

Try to Maintain Serving Guidelines

You can save your drink from getting over-served by maintaining a few simple guidelines. If possible, try to allow two drinks per invitees for the first hour, and serve one drink for each hour.

If you have wine for the party then provide one bottle for every two persons. If you have brought both red and white wines for your guest, then you will have to order for more white wines than red ones, because most of the drinkers will prefer the white ones.

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