Floral Cocktails To Welcome Your Guests In Summer Parties

“Flowers are outside
Flowers are inside
The floral essence is everywhere
There’s no place to hide”

What a fool of a person to hide from flowers! Is there anybody in this world who doesn’t like the delicate beauties of Nature? Even if there is, it is difficult to escape flowers in this happy season of Summer. They are blooming everywhere – in your garden, inside your house and even in your drinks.

Err.. what?

Yes! Summer is the season for delicate flavorful floral cocktails. Never heard of them? What a pity! Floral cocktails are one of the fanciest drinks in the whole world. If you can make them properly, you will feel like drinking directly from a flower like a bee or a hummingbird. Can you really miss that experience? So, why not try and make your own drinks at home? Get the required ingredients and order your favorite brand of liquor from a delivery service of repute. Make some fancy drinks to celebrate Summer in Calgary.

Floral cocktail parties

Given below are the names and preparation techniques of 5 exquisite flower-infused Summer cocktails that can amp up any party or celebration.

Top 3 Elegant Floral Cocktails For Summer

Cocktails are used as welcome drinks on numerous special occasions. But, you can also use some of them as desserts. Be it a wedding or a corporate summer party, the following floral drinks can spruce up any event.

Whiskey And Chamomile Honey

It is a great dessert after you have had too much on your plate. Chamomile is better known for its sleep-inducing properties and this drink, made from Chamomile honey, can help you sleep well after an enthusiastic and energy-draining party. Generally, Chamomile teabags are used to prepare this drink. But, if you have the real flowers in stock, blend them with hot water and honey to make the sweet fragrant syrup for your cocktail mix.

Golden Jasmine Martini

An amazing welcome drink for any kind of occasion, the Martini can be prepared using Vodka, Honey, and Jasmine flowers. Make a syrup of the flowers by mixing with hot water and a little sugar to release the fragrance. Then, mix all the ingredients in a cocktail maker and shake with ice. Voila! Your drink is ready to be consumed!

Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail

This is the simplest of floral cocktails that can be prepared within a wink. All you need is a cool Champagne flute, a sugar syrup and yes, a Hibiscus Flower. Place the flower at the bottom of the flute, pour a little syrup on it and then, fill the glass with your favorite Champers. The flower will release its essence into the drink, making it all the more flavorful and intoxicating.

If you have spare time at home, you can make a good hobby out of preparing such sophisticated cocktails. Just make sure you have all the ingredients. In this digital age, there is absolutely no need to go out and buy the drinks. You can save time and order online liquor delivery in Calgary without any hassle. Let the drinks be delivered much before your guests appear and then, you can have all the time to prepare the amazing welcome drinks. You can literally earn a reputation by mixing drinks. It is a cool hobby to pursue. Let the essence of flowers cheer up you Summer days!

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