Few amazing Tips to Store and Preserve Champagne at Home

The effervescent bubbly drink is apt for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, promotional events, New Year and corporate celebrations. But, what if you wish to have an entire supply of champagne in your home? How will you store it? Remember, champagne has a characteristic effervescence that may degrade over time and spoil the flavor. But, a bottle of champagne can last for years if you can store it properly. So, if you are planning to opt for a liquor store delivery in Calgary or elsewhere, make sure you know all about the nitty-gritty of storing champagne at home.

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Keep your Champers in the Fridge to Prevent the Formation of 5-HMF Compound

Generally, Champagne is stored in insulated cellars without any vibration or external disturbance. But, recently, a study conducted by some American scientists at Barcelona University concluded that champers should not be stored at room temperatures. They proved their claim by storing the liquor for over a period of two years at room temperature, cellar, and the refrigerator. The refrigerated champer maintained its quality by preventing the formation of a browning compound called 5-HMF, which is said to spoil food and drinks. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published this particular study to break the conventional rule of not storing champers in the fridge.

Maintain the Temperature at 10°C-13°C and Avoid Fluctuations

Champagne is a pretty delicate product. You have to consider a lot of things while storing it up for future use. Temperature fluctuations can degrade the quality of your champer. Too much heat can even cause the cork to pop out due to excessive pressure from inside. Furthermore, if you have chilled your drink, it should remain chilled. But, be careful not to expose the bottle to extreme cold as it may slow down the aging process. Calgary may experience extremes of temperature in the cold months. Hence, storing the liquor in the cellar is not a good idea. Maintain the temperature at 10°C-15°C for preserving your favorite fizzy drink.

Place the Bottle Horizontally to Avoid Corking

Yes, you have to keep the corks moist in order to prevent shrinkage. When you keep the bottles vertically, just like you do to your beer cans and whiskey bottles, chances are, the cork may shrink and adversely affect the quality of your drink. Place the bottles horizontally to keep the corks moist.

Insert a Metal Stopper or a Silver Spoon Inside an Already Opened Bottle of Champagne

If your guests have not been able to finish the bottle, you cannot fight that urge to store the remaining drink inside your refrigerator, can you? Well, if you insert a metal stopper or a silver spoon inside the bottle of champer, you can store it effectively for a few more days. That’s some good news, right?

Feeling a lot relieved? Well, do not forget to order your liquor store for delivery in Calgary, now that you know all about storing your expensive drinks in the right manner. Call up an at-home liquor delivery service and store up your favorite drink.


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