Essential Tips to Store Beer for an Extended Timespan

If you are absolutely new to the world of beer, then you may wonder how one can store beer so that when the time appears to pull out the cork, the beer tastes as amazing as it probably can. Regardless to say that to enjoy the best quality beer, you must rely on a reputed liquor store in town. A renowned liquor store is expected to have a drool-worthy stock of premium quality beers from all top-tier brands. A few facts and tips are suggested by beer delivery Calgary for beer lovers, who wish to store their beers at home –

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Store Bottle on their Sides Always:

Make sure to store the bottle on its side in a beer rack, so that the cork remains in constant contact with the beer. Though some beer bottles have rubber or plastic or screw-on caps, most still come with natural corks. In order to maintain an airtight seal, which protects the beer from outside aroma, oxygen, etc. a natural cork has to be expanded and moist.

Avoid Areas with Constant Heat and Light:

Keep beer aloof from heat and light. If a bottle of beer has been subjected to heat or bright light for an extended time span, it will taste bad. Although, a majority of beer bottles are made up of tinted glasses that provide some UV protection, there is still a huge risk of exposure. To avoid such exposure to light, keep your beer bottle in a cabinet or low to the ground. Both these storage techniques will protect beer bottle from overhead fluorescent lightings, which is also unsafe/ harmful for beer. In a nutshell, ensure to keep your beer bottle away from the direct sunlight or heat.

Keep Temperature Moderate:

If you are keen to extend the longevity of your beer, then make sure to keep it in a cool place. The ideal storage temperature for beer is said to be 45- 50 degrees. However, if you are planning to open the beer bottle within a couple of months, a comparatively warmer room temperature is good. Avoid storing bottles in storages of high heat or in locations where temperature fluctuates drastically like next to the oven or dishwasher. Also, don’t stash a collection of beer bottle atop the refrigerator, since a refrigerator exhaust gives off a lot of heat. Additionally, the continuous vibration can adversely affect the taste and quality of beer.

Preserve an Already Opened Beer Bottle:

It’s not mandatory to finish an entire bottle of beer at just one sitting. You can also the leftover beer as long as you make sure to recork the bottle and store it correctly.  At first, ensure that the same end of the cork goes back in the beer bottle. If the cork won’t insert in a jiffy, then take help of the blade of a corkscrew to shave a notch either side or near the bottom. Another effective and useful tip is to pick a reusable rubber stopper.

Buy Beers from Top-Notch Brands:

All these above-mentioned tips and facts will help restore your beer for an extended time span, but always rely on top-tier brands whilst picking beers. Reluctant to swap from one liquor store to another? Don’t worry! Because, liquor delivery Calgary is here to end your concerns. Being the one-stop provider of beer, scotch, wine, champagne, gin, tequila, etc. they guarantee to deliver the best quality beers every time. All you need to do is, dial their contact number, place your order, inform about your prefered brand, time and destination – and the diligent beer deliverers in Calgary will be at your doorstep within the mentioned time.

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