Dial a Bottle Services to Amplify your Calgary Holidays

Are you planning a vacation this season?

If your answer is yes, then Calgary can be your best bet. This Canadian province has everything to set your mood for a grand holiday experience. The weather is amazing and there are several tourist hot spots that can take your breath away. You can go as a lone traveler or you can take your family along with you. Either way, you will enjoy. If you are clueless about the places you would like to visit or the things you would wish to do, research a bit before you book your tickets. Also, do not forget to gain some idea regarding the well-acclaimed alcohol delivery services if you are in the habit of drinking. That will save you the hassles of chasing “Happy hours” in the local bars.


Anyways, let us first discuss what all you can do while you are in Calgary:

Visit the Calgary Zoo to watch the Zoolights

It is a tradition well loved by all Calgarians. Every year, about 1.5 million lights are set up attracting tourists from all over. You can enjoy the display with a cup of coffee or bring your kids along to enjoy the exciting activities that are held at the end of November and last till the beginning of January. The Zoolights are famous all over Alberta, so much so that people come to Calgary during the season just to have a glimpse of it.

Skate at the Olympic Plaza

The Olympic Plaza is all decked up and full of rejoicing people during the festive season. You can join the bandwagon with your close-knit group or your date or even your family and toddlers to augment your holiday experience. In winter, there is a festive tree, decorated top to toe with lights and glitters, exuding an essence of merriment and joy.

Go for Winter Hiking

If you are an adventure lover, winter hiking is your thing. And, Calgary has no dearth of options for this particular activity during the winter season. Be it the Nose Hill Park or the Fish Creek Provincial park, you can gather your closest peers who share the same passion and set off for a marvelous trip. However, do not forget to carry your snowshoes and crampons as it can get really icy at times.

Become a Part of the Food Festivals

The Calgarians are real foodies and you can get an idea about that by attending the food festivals held during this season. In fact three things that define Calgary during winter are, Ice skating, Food festivals, and Street Lightings. Once you visit the place, your holiday experience will reach its apex and you will long to come back next year for sure.

However, if you are not much into outdoor activities, you can always roam the streets, meet local people, make friends and come back to your hotel and sip a glass of wine while watching your favorite TV show. There are some reliable services for dial a bottle in Calgary to provide you with all types of drinks ranging from whiskey to champagne. All you have to do is, call them up and order for your best-loved brand. Your drinks will be delivered to your mentioned address in no time. After an exhausting day outside, the fresh liquor will quench your thirst and give you a good night’s sleep as well. Make it a point to enjoy your holidays without leaving anything out.

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