Check Out Wine Cocktail Recipes for summer

Like a true fun seeker, are you keen to add some more spice to the craziest summer break parties, at home? If yes, then you better prep up the party arrangements, right away. To go-out-of- the -box, consider experimenting with the array of wines, during this sultry & humid weather. Being a little experimental, you can keep up with your passions for wine, in a unique way. Ingredients, required for preparing these cocktails are hugely available in cocktail recipes

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Sip on some easy-to-make wine cocktail recipes at a summer-home party, after tiresome weekdays –

Sangria – It is one of the yummiest cocktails, which takes just a few ingredients to get prepped up. This cocktail can be made up with both red wine and dry white wine. Stock on two bottles of red wine/ dry white wine, one cup of grand mariner, two cups of lemon juice, one thinly sliced lemon, one thinly sliced orange and one quart seltzer water. After arranging all these ingredients, combine them in a large punch bowl with ice overnight. After the cocktail is prepped up, serve it over ice cubes. Take frosty fruits and long slivers of orange peel to garnish the drink. Sip on Sangria to chill out in hot & humid summer days.

Seaside Summer-bliss – Seaside Summer Bliss does a complete justice to its mane, courtesy its refreshing taste, which sooths your throat and refresh your breath. This is probably one of the easiest cocktails amid all. You require a handful of ingredients to prepare this cocktail. As ingredients, you need two parts red wine and three parts semi sweet non-alcoholic apple cider. Pour fresh and chilled red wine in a goblet, and subsequently add on the apple cider to it. And your drink is ready to greet cheers with.

Cabernet Cobbler – To make this cocktail, you require arranging red wine, one tsp of fresh lemon juice, one tsp superfine sugar and two cups of chilled soda water. At first, dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice and chilled water in a large wine glass. Next, add on a handful of cracked ice cubes to the mixture. Finally, pour the red wine into the glass. Stir it gently with help of a large spoon. For making it a bit tastier, garnish it with a slice of orange; and serve it finally.

Sherry Cobbler- To make this drink, you need three oz sherry, 1/3 oz triple sec, two oz soda water and 1/4 oz sugar syrup. Pour everything into a wine goblet, which is filled with cracked ice cubes. You can add up seasonal fruit slices, if you are fond of eating fruits. Your chilled & summery cocktail is good to go.

You can try out any of these above-named non-boozy options to rock your summer party, hosted at home. Don’t limit yourself to pouring wine straight from the bottle! Experts swear you can make these yummy cocktails, in no time. Don’t have time to step out your home for hunting the best quality wine? Don’t fret; dial a bottle in Calgary has stepped in here to end your troubles. Dial them to order your preferred wine; and get your products, at your doorstep, within the mentioned time.

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